Alexa Rivera

Alexa Rivera
Alexa Rivera

  • Mr icon JC
    Mr icon JC

    Nice prank on your brother

  • Mr icon JC
    Mr icon JC

    I love you

  • kelly barnett
    kelly barnett

    I like when they prank other's

  • Mr icon JC
    Mr icon JC


  • paridhi rungta
    paridhi rungta

    Oh how I love when lexi pranks her brother!!! 😂😂

  • Sargam Goyal
    Sargam Goyal

    0:40 do anyone else also saw that

  • suma vlogs
    suma vlogs

  • Ying Thompson
    Ying Thompson


  • suma vlogs
    suma vlogs

    happy birthday

  • Autumn Case
    Autumn Case


  • Tik Tok Music
    Tik Tok Music


  • Shania Godinho
    Shania Godinho

    At 0:28 you said he kissed another girl that's hannah

  • Cheryl Miles
    Cheryl Miles

    Lexi is so good at acting!😊

  • Shania Godinho
    Shania Godinho

    7 months later Kind of not a prank

  • iamAngela Army
    iamAngela Army


  • Tvisha Jayant
    Tvisha Jayant

    you look beautiful

  • Music Acc
    Music Acc

    She looks like Barbara Palvin and Lia from itzy

  • Xie Kaisen
    Xie Kaisen

    Kunwari di scripted

  • Tvisha Jayant
    Tvisha Jayant

    like lexi you should actually cut you're hair

  • Deyan Stoykovic
    Deyan Stoykovic

    very well done!

  • Mahnam Abid
    Mahnam Abid

    I really wanted to see Andrew take care of Baby Lexi

  • gabriella watkins
    gabriella watkins

    when she says she tricks up her sleeve when doesnt even have sleeves ;w;

  • Addy Navarre
    Addy Navarre

    Ok I’m sry but why did I read kidney as kinky 😬😳

  • damrithpro82

    I'm the new amp house guys😋😂

  • Evelyn Sandoval
    Evelyn Sandoval

    ꒯꒐ꇙ ꒐ꇙ ꇙꄲ ꅐꏂꋪ꒐꒯

  • Zariah Hamilton
    Zariah Hamilton

    lexie do u have anyone in ur family called jennie

  • Elise Rodda
    Elise Rodda

    why would they fall for this lol

  • Lush gummy
    Lush gummy

    Blake was so pissed

  • the flexible queen
    the flexible queen

    I have a huskey

  • kamyadeep puzari
    kamyadeep puzari

    2:57 why are u howling like a wolf 😂😂😂

  • Anshruta tigadi
    Anshruta tigadi

    the baby is so so so so cute

  • Honey

    So good brothers

  • Honey


  • Yesenia Winhold
    Yesenia Winhold

    Omg I have a brother named Blake to

  • Rana Alazmi
    Rana Alazmi

    I love you so much

  • Kendo and Kitaa
    Kendo and Kitaa

    I think that you have only 1 brother .

  • Kaiden Davies
    Kaiden Davies

    You look tired

  • Selena Alvarado
    Selena Alvarado


  • Selena Alvarado
    Selena Alvarado

    Looks like u got some good guy

  • Ashtyn Frey
    Ashtyn Frey

    When Andrew said " then just do something abt it " I could already tell tht Brent was getting ready to go the tht broom! LOLL

  • Not Olivia
    Not Olivia

    Landrew 💓💓💓

  • Not Olivia
    Not Olivia

    Landrew 💓💓💓

  • Charlotte Barratt
    Charlotte Barratt

    Brent: “Huh, I guess he wasn’t the right guy” shrugs and walks away. I wonder I he’ll be like that when someone actually sets you up. But nobody would ever do suck a thing to a beautiful young lady like you 🥰 5 mins later: “hey, wanna go get food” I wanna get a brother like him

  • Kewali Magdum
    Kewali Magdum

    Hey LEXI Love your vids a lot love you from india🧡🤍💚

  • Max Johnston
    Max Johnston

    5:24 I feel you Andrew. I've been rejected twice but then I decided a fresh start and focused on pursuing my goal to get to Yale when I switched schools. Of course 2 girls liked me at my new school so I had to reject them. I feel bad for that but the deed is done. Maybe I'll change near High School but idk. Anyway funny video

  • Iiyaa Baid
    Iiyaa Baid

    I want pierson

  • Heng Chew
    Heng Chew

    The title*

  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️


  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️


  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️



    Didn't notice it was boy-friends Thought how many lmao

  • Mikhalia Richards
    Mikhalia Richards

    Andrew: is she good Brice: d don’t even worry abt it

  • Sanjay

    I eat chicken feet😐

  • Robert Salone II
    Robert Salone II


  • kim_Li_Wi Redjo02
    kim_Li_Wi Redjo02

    I started tearing up😢

  • Krislyn Mendoza
    Krislyn Mendoza


  • Anahad punj
    Anahad punj

    Happy birthday 🎂🥳

  • Zelda Salinas
    Zelda Salinas

    That’s why God says, give Me son of Mine your heart, and let your eyes seek My ways. God did not give the power to body to make us happy, cause true happiness it’s only found on God. God isa jealous God, and does not share His Glory with nobody. God says, in Revelation 2:4 But I have something against you, that you have left Me (God) Who is your First, and only True love.

  • Tanishka Vaikunthe
    Tanishka Vaikunthe

    Does Brother even love you as a sister


    xD lexi looked so freaking funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Aaliyah Stokes
    Aaliyah Stokes

    Jeremy got a crush😏😏😏

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus is king

    • Sanjay

      Yasss Amen!


    Hi Lexi can you do shout out in your videos it will be so cool 😎😎 pick 5 names please

  • Naaziya Begum G
    Naaziya Begum G

    Andrew just PRANKED both of them

  • al1mg2254

    Do you want to prank someone go on Amazon type in prank blood map and water falls on it it'll make it look like blood and you can make i seem like its the time of the month if you know what i mean your period

  • Have a good day Hi
    Have a good day Hi

    Jeremy was the best I am ROLLING

  • Joyce Evans
    Joyce Evans

    Landrew needs to happen I think there so cute and ill be so upset if they don't 💞 please reply ❤

  • Lewis Miles
    Lewis Miles

    Jeremy:awww she’s kinda cuts Lexi: *start crying* Jeremy: oh never mind

  • Mahender Kurna
    Mahender Kurna


  • Ratna Kumari
    Ratna Kumari

    Brent won

  • Ragavi .R
    Ragavi .R

    Andrew's smile😍☺

  • Kairi Bedsted
    Kairi Bedsted

    Bring back bexi

  • kk. Hansikalola
    kk. Hansikalola

    lexi - he stood me up brent heart - yay lexi is not going on a date

  • Jayton Leer
    Jayton Leer

    Tbh I feel like dom went home and did the dance HAHA

  • Imovie Films
    Imovie Films

    I know everybody! Mrs Rivera - 2021

  • Ángela Prado
    Ángela Prado

    I'm sorry but my baby brother uses the phono a lot he can install games