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If you see this, comment how you think they all did! Love you guys :)

  • Galaxy_alpha53 4
    Galaxy_alpha53 4

    Is Andrew g@y?😏

  • teagan rose
    teagan rose

    Youve got boyfreinds

  • Natalie Cooper
    Natalie Cooper

    Why was andrew wearing heels

    • Natalie Cooper
      Natalie Cooper

      I meant nails

  • Andrei Dominique Jorda
    Andrei Dominique Jorda

    Lexi : im gonna test Ben Andrew Jermey Ben Andrew : loves lexi Jeremy :a friend

  • Waddah Ali
    Waddah Ali

    i think jeremy is the most true gentleman! and he is so kind too..!!

  • Selena Alvarado
    Selena Alvarado


  • Selena Alvarado
    Selena Alvarado

    Looks like u got some good guy

  • Heng Chew
    Heng Chew

    The title*


    Didn't notice it was boy-friends Thought how many lmao

  • Maanya Betha
    Maanya Betha

    Pls do a cat calling and whistling prank on all your friends 😍🙏🙏🙏

  • Gio Nap
    Gio Nap

    Once a man said this girl is amazing.

  • Jisue Choi
    Jisue Choi

    At this point I'm assuming Brent's a fortune teller

  • Rickelle Tomblin
    Rickelle Tomblin

    They are all so gentlemen like I wish I had guy friends that where gentlemen like wait a minute I don’t even have guy friends

  • Caycee and Friends
    Caycee and Friends

    I ship Jexi :))))))))

  • Hannah Ramirez
    Hannah Ramirez

    I feel like they wouldn’t do that for other girls only Lexi they bunch of simps🤣

  • Kelsey Walker
    Kelsey Walker

    I have my money on Jeremy guys Brent I’m gonna beat u and I’ll beat Lexi to even tho we said the same person

  • malcolmthereal_gamer

    I love how Jeremy passed the test when he told u to get in the car I thought he was gonna beat or cuss him out

  • Jake hilkens
    Jake hilkens

    There is a reason she put a space between boy and friends

  • gabriella alexis
    gabriella alexis

    how. many. times. did. Lexi. say. guy. not. be. rude. but I. think. she. went. guy. guy. guy. guy. guy guy. guy

  • Micksiahs

    You mean all your boyfriends

  • Analiyah Acevedo
    Analiyah Acevedo

    I love how instead of the title being testing my GUY friends, it’s BOY friends🤣🤣🤣

  • Jules Doughty
    Jules Doughty

    One.time a boy said and Nada word.then said sorry

  • Amy Vlogs
    Amy Vlogs

    I’d like to see brents reaction to the stranger complimenting her 😂

  • I’mPipsqueak

    I thought Ben would lose because they where together for some years Lol

  • Barb Schaffhauser
    Barb Schaffhauser


  • Layla shine💫
    Layla shine💫


  • Denise Garcia
    Denise Garcia

    I think Jrmmy wins Hi

  • KakashiHaXX368

    I think Jeremy or Andrew won but I don’t no who?

  • Olufemi SALAKO
    Olufemi SALAKO

    Jeremy was so sweet and by far the best gentleman he's too cute.

  • Olufemi SALAKO
    Olufemi SALAKO

    I bet money on Jeremy.

  • ISABELLA Kruckman
    ISABELLA Kruckman

    You and Ben should date again

  • Roman Graziano
    Roman Graziano

    Andrew was

  • Lee Richards-Mills
    Lee Richards-Mills

    Lol lol lol 😆

  • Evan Clough
    Evan Clough

    So your cheating on them 😒

  • Lamar Al Hakeem
    Lamar Al Hakeem

    Done and i love you so much

  • ketchup jooce
    ketchup jooce

    And I was very nice

  • Baby Dove
    Baby Dove

    Yayy we hit 7 million 💙

  • Alaa Ashraf .Zakria
    Alaa Ashraf .Zakria


  • Shanaya Shrivastava
    Shanaya Shrivastava

    Please try this on brent

  • Hilario Alvarez
    Hilario Alvarez


  • Melanie Heathcote
    Melanie Heathcote

    You and Jeremy look cute together

  • Ava Jax
    Ava Jax

    I have my money on Jeremy

  • Jacquelyn Liu
    Jacquelyn Liu

    LANDREW shippers where r u!

  • sharvcandy

    Do the actor prank on andrew, ben and brent too...

  • Chelsey Skudder
    Chelsey Skudder

    He sweared tho

  • Skylah Wilson
    Skylah Wilson

    Jeramy was more gentleman like

  • maya smith
    maya smith

    lexi: i have my money on Jeremy brent: i have my money on andrew ben: 👁 👄 👁

  • Xxxbubblesxxx

    Dose any one else see that whenever Lexi says brents name in like a scream it’s always like this bennnnaaaaaa brentaaaaa

  • angeleyezz29

    Wait why does Andrew have nails on

  • angeleyezz29

    How to get his ex girlfriend back 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jacqueline Cook
    Jacqueline Cook

    3:55 should is spelled hsouldn’t

  • Antonio Pantoja
    Antonio Pantoja


  • Lenah Sophia Villaran Goundis
    Lenah Sophia Villaran Goundis

    I think lexi should try the last prank on andrew and ben… i feel like they would have a good reaction

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia

    Jeremy u sweet u did that for a girl

  • SG - 03ZM 898401 Artesian Drive PS
    SG - 03ZM 898401 Artesian Drive PS

    Andrew is going to win👍🏽

  • Deborah Marell
    Deborah Marell


  • Jennie Vlogs
    Jennie Vlogs

    Lexi: I have my money on Jeremy Me: SAMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE GIRL And I found it SUPER FUNNY when he says "did you run out of Toilet paper?"

  • bethk866

    I know there is no more bexi unfortunately but it looked like there were on a date but I know they would not

  • Ari Leder
    Ari Leder

    Where are my guy friends like that 😂

  • Mila Battista
    Mila Battista

    You can hold Ben but you can’t lift up a box??🧐

  • AMP family💋💖
    AMP family💋💖

    Everyone : wow they are... Me : Why the hell Andrew wearing those long nails???🙄😳

  • ⚡️Get Entertained⚡️
    ⚡️Get Entertained⚡️

    Wait Andrew cussed 7 times I don’t think that’s passing lol 😂

  • Lucy Hiner
    Lucy Hiner

    Hi love your vids and I think that you should do the cat call prank with your brothers I think Blake would have a good reaction❤️

  • Mpendulo Sibandze
    Mpendulo Sibandze

    Jeremy did a very good job than all the others

  • Eunice Chauke
    Eunice Chauke

    I hate lixe

  • Maite Rangel
    Maite Rangel

    I never heard Andrew say I bad word

  • Afraz Ahmed
    Afraz Ahmed

    Did anyone notice she said u passed all the test to Andrew but he dint

  • Shanell Jenkins
    Shanell Jenkins

    I think Jeremy is the most gentlemen like so my money is on him

  • ☕︎Scary nightgirl102
    ☕︎Scary nightgirl102

    What can I say UnU OH SHOOT- Lexi be like🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • August McNeal
    August McNeal


  • A H
    A H


  • Taylor Craig
    Taylor Craig

    You should do it with your other guy friends too

  • Priscilla Jarvis Carver
    Priscilla Jarvis Carver

    Jermeny was the best gentleman 🥺

  • Zoe Gibbons
    Zoe Gibbons

    Sorry I meant lexi hensler

  • Zoe Gibbons
    Zoe Gibbons

    Lexi he sleeps will fail

  • Zoe Gibbons
    Zoe Gibbons

    Do it with All ur girl friends next

  • Natalie whitney
    Natalie whitney

    Andrew said Bad words in the first test

  • Siddhi Khetan
    Siddhi Khetan

    Jeremy had my heart❤❤

  • Scott Matteson
    Scott Matteson

    Ben should've been the best BC he was once your bf

  • ismail ch
    ismail ch

    Alexa laugh is 😍

  • Luvleen Kaur Hunjan
    Luvleen Kaur Hunjan

    Lexi:it’s me! Jeremy:oh hi Lexi 😁

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole

    I love you’re Videos

  • Kynzie Ramos
    Kynzie Ramos

    I think that Jeremy is going to be a gentleman

  • Hang out with Tilly
    Hang out with Tilly

    Landrew Bexi and jexi

  • okeh :D
    okeh :D

    guy-:u have a nice A** me:boi i swear- me again-: oh it for vid

  • Kirston Verhulst
    Kirston Verhulst

    I love spiders (big) and snakes

  • Susan Laney
    Susan Laney


  • Susan Laney
    Susan Laney


  • Susan Laney
    Susan Laney

    LOL 😂

  • Susan Laney
    Susan Laney

    I dare u to make. Voide whan your makeing noises in the room with your friend ❤️

  • Jordan Gabriel
    Jordan Gabriel

    No one for Ben but I am

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    If someone actually does that to a girl, the girl should give them the deadliest look in the eye

  • Blah blah blah
    Blah blah blah

    Me wanting to know what Jeremy said 😭

  • Jailyn Reid
    Jailyn Reid


  • Sam Boua
    Sam Boua

    We miss mason

  • Mcallen Music Group
    Mcallen Music Group

    Jeremey is better boyfriend then Brent like he ain’t you’re boyfriend anymore you have jeremey he jentelmen he give what you tell him to give you

  • Player toca boca
    Player toca boca

    I think Ben is in 🥉place and Andrew is in 🥈 place and Jeremy is in 🥇🏆🎖 place Jeremy win

  • snoflek pop
    snoflek pop

    Oh. And why do Andrew have nails

920 ming
920 ming