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@Ben Azelart
@Andrew Davila
@Brent Rivera
@Jeremy Hutchins

If you see this, who would you want to be friends with if you had to choose one? Love you guys :)

  • Sofie Bro Kjærgaard
    Sofie Bro Kjærgaard

    I just love lexi and lexi and pison. Maby one day pison and Brent as a copol

  • mureski


  • Evelyn Wong
    Evelyn Wong

    Ben : Maybe it wasn't that bas after all! Lexi : *Dies laughing* Me : 🤣😅

  • angeleyezz29

    Andrew:I will be honest right now please take that off asap

  • Eline Pols
    Eline Pols

    Am i the only one that wanted her to test brice and brent (and blake) on their (sibling) friendship to😂?


    6:04 Brent's face 😂😂

  • angvie


  • Kamali Thulasi
    Kamali Thulasi

    Litterlay my birthday is march 22

  • Sophia Canche
    Sophia Canche


  • Silosia Celestine
    Silosia Celestine

    Your actuall birthday is April 19

  • FreeMovies


  • Ziggs

    Jeremy ❤️😭🥰🥺🙄🙌🤩🤩🤩

  • Payton Allen
    Payton Allen

    Jeremy is a real friend for sure I don't care what any one says

  • Jessi Taylor
    Jessi Taylor

    Lol "u dont watch my tiktoks i sent u so i cant even call u a friend!" 😅 got me dead

  • Matthew Chu
    Matthew Chu

  • debra knowlton
    debra knowlton

    Ben is so cute and sweet

  • Aʀʏᴀɴ

    Where is stokes twins]

  • sweetlikegrande

    I wanna go swimming with my friend. I will drown. I literally cant swim. I'd grab onto him probably. He's strong too.

  • Sharmin Games /Edit
    Sharmin Games /Edit

    Lexi my birthday is on March 22 Me that’s my mum’s birthday

  • Hakatadine Dela Cruz
    Hakatadine Dela Cruz

    andrew? more like b-b-b-bucket hat!

  • Rebecca

    Her birthday is June

  • James Hanson
    James Hanson

    How do her friends not see the camera and if they do ,they know something is upa

    • James Hanson
      James Hanson


  • Jennie Vlogs
    Jennie Vlogs

    I have my money on Jeremy

  • Anita Buzaare
    Anita Buzaare

    Atleast am not the onlyone who doesn't know how to swim

  • Zhen Feng
    Zhen Feng

    I ship Jeremy and lexi they cute together

  • meeth manjunath
    meeth manjunath


  • Cristelle Lehtsalu
    Cristelle Lehtsalu

    My bd is March 22

  • Catherine Mcnally
    Catherine Mcnally

    Ben saved her I think Ben is a good friend

  • Lily  cold
    Lily cold

    oh my

  • venessa martin
    venessa martin

    My birthday is March 22

  • yasmina nemer
    yasmina nemer

    0:49 aw i think ben still has a crush on lexi🥺💔

  • Pushak Karki
    Pushak Karki

    Love from nepal❤

  • alexia C
    alexia C

    9:01 the way he looked at her

  • Paige Jones
    Paige Jones

    jermey is so tall he has to bend over to lexi

  • Dr Shrutika Kankariya
    Dr Shrutika Kankariya

    BEXII :((

  • Isela Torres
    Isela Torres

    I just ADORE YOU AS A FRIEND LeXi lOvE yOu!

  • Joey Guy
    Joey Guy

    Why is Jeremy literally Zach roloff🤣

  • Myah Browning
    Myah Browning

    Ah haaaa lol I love the way he said that

  • Jessica Martinez
    Jessica Martinez

    You know that you are not annoying

    • Jessica Martinez
      Jessica Martinez


  • IgnBlur


  • lil sushi
    lil sushi

    “Ben, my real good friend” more like “ex boy friend”

  • Glossy Unicorns
    Glossy Unicorns

    I wish my friends with Ben😂

  • 𝗶𝗰𝘆𝘅𝗹𝗼𝗿𝘅✌︎︎


  • Raja kumari Macherla
    Raja kumari Macherla

    lol lamo

  • Isabella Humphreys
    Isabella Humphreys


  • Kelecia Jones
    Kelecia Jones

    Ben is so sweet

  • Asmee Sharma
    Asmee Sharma

    0:48 to, at 1:00 he said "I'll get you a towel", that was soo sweet of him to jump in the pool with his clothe ON. I love him, if this wasn't a prank ;D

  • PJ Kimener
    PJ Kimener

    Alexi why does every body like you ?????? I love your vids I watch them every day LLLOOONNNGGGGGG!!!! LLLLLLOOOVVVVEEEE YYYYOOOOUUUUU!!!!

  • Poo Poo
    Poo Poo

    My birthday is on March 22

  • Isabella Burgos
    Isabella Burgos

    Jeremy is still the best

  • A.B

    Wait nvm

  • A.B


  • A.B

    I wonder what Jeremy said to that guy

  • Samantha Cartagena
    Samantha Cartagena

    When Ben jumped in to save Lexi ❤️

  • Bethany Lindsey
    Bethany Lindsey

    I wish ben and lexi. R r still together they look soo cute together and they would be a good couple:(

  • Amanda Jenkins
    Amanda Jenkins

    haha this was one of your best vids

  • Edgar Guevara
    Edgar Guevara

    I actually kind a like that outfit idk why

  • Jaya Sri
    Jaya Sri

    Lexi u should make a video and ur brother talks bad about and see if ur friends will stand up 😁😁

  • Ting Gao
    Ting Gao

    I-i what the heck

  • Burning Biology
    Burning Biology

    Ben is the one who is real

  • hanneelisha Dionido
    hanneelisha Dionido


  • hanneelisha Dionido
    hanneelisha Dionido

    Lexi glowed up

  • Bethany Rodden
    Bethany Rodden

    lexi theres tea that ur adopted are u and also i am so if u are were twinzes

  • hanneelisha Dionido
    hanneelisha Dionido


  • Rihanna Mlawasi
    Rihanna Mlawasi

    lexis birthday is June 4th

  • Deema Saju
    Deema Saju


  • Chaunci Orozco
    Chaunci Orozco


  • Chloes Slime
    Chloes Slime

    I love how Jeremy has to bend down at the camera

  • Reynoso Cabral
    Reynoso Cabral

    Can you tell Ben that I am a big fan (My name is kimberly)

  • ◦sagestxne ◦
    ◦sagestxne ◦

    Ben was so sweet!

  • Annabelle Pickering
    Annabelle Pickering

    The way she sits with andrew

  • April Sayers
    April Sayers

    Lexie and prison and Ben and. Brent is a loosa

    • April Sayers
      April Sayers


  • speed man family
    speed man family

    what about the stokes twins tho

  • Khushi Mainkar
    Khushi Mainkar

    Ben jumping in the pool to save lexi is the best thing.

  • Sthuthy.s Sthuthy.s
    Sthuthy.s Sthuthy.s

    But Jeremy is so disappointed

  • Zayan yo yo squad
    Zayan yo yo squad

    Soon theres going to be jexi

  • D O N G P Y O S A R N G H E A
    D O N G P Y O S A R N G H E A

    never pause 6:05-

  • Audrianna Barrientes
    Audrianna Barrientes

    So nobody is going to talk about Jeremy saying he was drunk?!?

  • nicolette heydt
    nicolette heydt

    How do you how come you don't see a brent a real brother

  • mabelle quintana
    mabelle quintana

    Lexi and pierson are real friends bc when they meet they always say p-p-p-p PIERSONNNN and l-l-l-l LEXIIII

  • Tomba Meitei
    Tomba Meitei

    Wrong testing

  • Lizzy

    Wait- anyone notice how tall Ben is compared to Lexi?? Just me?

  • cindy selma
    cindy selma


  • Rajanya Patra
    Rajanya Patra

    But, he's been a very good friend too.. 😂

  • siti fairuz mohd yusop
    siti fairuz mohd yusop

    Ben is really a true friend he save you lexi

  • Cooper Tapparo
    Cooper Tapparo


  • Sunlight Asmr
    Sunlight Asmr


  • Prince Alcaraz
    Prince Alcaraz

    I would have jumped with my shoes on, I mean there just some shoes

  • Genevieve Vargas
    Genevieve Vargas

    My bday is March 22🤭

  • Hamoudi Ghamraoui
    Hamoudi Ghamraoui

    You should do the same test for all of them

  • Blink forever
    Blink forever

    Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Saloni sharma
    Saloni sharma

    You are the cutest girl ever saww..

  • Rucha Mantri 6th
    Rucha Mantri 6th

    I want to tell you that you do a challenge of 24 hours eating Indian food please please please please please please please please please please please 😭😭😭

  • Danica Govender
    Danica Govender

    I can't stop laugh when Peirson was when Lexi said Bruce, I am dying

  • Jyoti Rasankar
    Jyoti Rasankar

    Andrew it's my boyfriend 💔

  • Moe Akour
    Moe Akour

    Ya ya sure ben is just a friend

  • Amia Tanner
    Amia Tanner

    The silent cannon parallely spare because ankle cytochemically punish besides a terrific canadian. hypnotic, adorable burst

  • Izzly’s Vlogs
    Izzly’s Vlogs

    🥺 I L0VE YOU SO MUST but in 3 days I. Not gonna say I love you bc im have to go somewhere

  • Marie Dominguez
    Marie Dominguez

    Me to

  • Breana Summer Shine
    Breana Summer Shine

    I think that Jaramy and Andrew is are real friends and you cheated them out