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If you see this, comment any other pranks or special effects makeup I should do and get done! Love you guys :)

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    Evelyn Sandoval

    ꒯꒐ꇙ ꒐ꇙ ꇙꄲ ꅐꏂꋪ꒐꒯

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    Random Stuff

    Brent be like, who was the guy that kissed you? *gets broom

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    DMN Jalon

    Look at Andrew's tounge when he walked to the bathroom

  • VG Samurai Gaining and reactions
    VG Samurai Gaining and reactions

    Brent is better dummy grils

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    Connor Kent

    Ben is a good friend

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    I mean Pierson can't beat up Lexi that hard

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    Special 3

    “NOT THE TOES” that had me cracking up 🤣☠️😭

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    Lexi: WhO dO yOu LiKe MoRe, Me Or PiErSoN?! Dom: I dOn'T kNoW Me: NoNe YoU liKe SoFiE!

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  • Mine


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    Brent is gonna be like 👁👄👁

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    I thought it was real for a sec with the drop the towel prank [hahah]

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    Mirabel Dannana

    Andrew was like nope, nah, not today

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    Natasha Lopez

    lmao the way ben and lexi reacted when you said make sure you get the toes 😭😭 ben: the toes ?! lexi: not the toes !

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    Ελένη Λιολη

    Κάλαμος. Έχετε ρτελαθειολει ,

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      Ελένη Λιολη

      Για ΤεικανεΤε

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      Ελένη Λιολη


    • Ελένη Λιολη
      Ελένη Λιολη


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    Girl Gamer

    You should prank Andrew and Jeremy with the only fans

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    Dream big!

    Omg Lexie when I first saw the title I was shocked!

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    They so good at pranks😂😳

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    Yukina plays

    Lexi so funny when she pranked her mom

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    Ava Brown

    Lexi h is not responsible for Lexi r

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    Dahlia Paz

    lol doms crazy shorts that he wears

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    Ciara Moore

    Omg the only fan thing I was laughing so bad😂😭🤣

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    sinead oconnor

    I love Lexis face

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    sinead oconnor

    Oh my god lexi I think

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    Ayaan Pbb

    chiil ben its only at 327k

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    Lakisha Aldridge

    I ship Jeremy and Lexi so much

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    She Kissed Brent.....Lol 😂

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    Where is stokes twins'

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    do elergic reaction or chocking prank

  • VexYT

    keep up the good work lexi!!!!!

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    Loki Lafeyson

    Oh no, is she dead?

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    Kara Todd

    I’ve watched this too many times we’re I’m at the point we’re I can say what there saying-

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    Kobie Gilbey

    That was funny.

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    You’re vids are very good

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    Who cares

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    Sarah Anderson

    Ben dated Lexi ...... He knew that it was a prank ......or else He would have never told Lexi that 😂

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    Chey-anna Stafford


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    Chey-anna Stafford


  • Chey-anna Stafford
    Chey-anna Stafford


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    Chey-anna Stafford

    No no noooooooo onooooooooo

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    That towel prank was soooo funny

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    Hi I love your Videos

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    Alexis Rowan

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    JRsweetness 2

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    Joy McBeth

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    WOW lexi you went so far i love the prank that prearison beat you up

  • if your girl for Less Williams Mercedes
    if your girl for Less Williams Mercedes


  • if your girl for Less Williams Mercedes
    if your girl for Less Williams Mercedes


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    Olive C

    piper rockelle is copying ur videos.

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    It’s_ Lily

    Brent was like he knew it he wasn’t surprised

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    Xianna Louisse Discaya

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    Fact insider: Lexi likes andrew Andrew kinda likes her Jeremy Hutchins loves her , Secretly and genuinely . He has always been a gentleman with her.. The chocolate in the bathroom crying prank , flirting prank reaction..everything says it . Actually all the guys like her even stokes twins..but Jeremy has deep feelings for her . I hope he gets his girl . Like this comment who wants lexi to date jeremey already.

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    Adilene 1214💗🖤

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    Richard Ukadike

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    Aw.. Really loved the reaction of brent when lexi says that peirson beats her up.. He was handling so cool. 🤣😍

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    Ok but why did I think Brent was gonna say u punched her without me lol

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    God Bless and Loves you all 🥰 you’ll never regret living for him 💕

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    Jordan Rennalls

    I love how Brent was promising Lexi and was yelling at Pearson like why would you do that and it was so funny and it was like kind of sad for Pearson and I love the makeup actually looks real

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