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Comment who you think I should date or if I should stay single. It also doesn't have to be someone in this video! I'm curious to see who you guys think. Love you guys :)

  • Audrey Mastro
    Audrey Mastro

    Word say Andrew photo shows Dom

  • Kassie Kenya
    Kassie Kenya

    Lexi has dated a lot of boys because of how pretty she is

  • Evelyn Wong
    Evelyn Wong

    Lexi's mum : I love Andrew!! Lexi : *laughs*

  • priya Y
    priya Y

    Where's Jeremy ???

  • Alisa Wilson
    Alisa Wilson

    it sayes in 2021 shes dating ben still lmao

  • Tareke Nanton
    Tareke Nanton

    Date Andrew ❤️


    OMG I love Ben and Lexi I try to cry when Ben win

  • Kyle Cervantes
    Kyle Cervantes

    Me : thinking how many broom brent's buy

  • anju bhansali
    anju bhansali

    Bexi 4 ever

  • mhamad dhayne
    mhamad dhayne

    hayse graler is caleb

  • Xx_ItsWaterMelon_xX

    The way Brent rated Ben a 2/10 😭✋ I would have given him a 9.5/10 Like her mom T-T

  • Muhammad Rehan
    Muhammad Rehan

    I think Andrew should get a 10/10 cause Andrew is so sweet to Lexi in some of the TikTok videos. This doesn’t mean that the others are bad they all are still good. Please don’t hate me for this. But I would also give Ben 10/10.

  • Sreemanjari M
    Sreemanjari M

    6:10 😅😄😅😄

  • Sreemanjari M
    Sreemanjari M

    5:01 Dom is a baby😅😄

  • Marilyn fam
    Marilyn fam

    I love how chill your mom is #chillmom

  • Kyra Cutie
    Kyra Cutie

    isn't dom into sofie

  • XxsimplycamiXx

    Lexi’s mom is so sweet😫

  • The AstroPhile
    The AstroPhile

    I think Lexi revira has been started relationship With @Andrew Davila ❤️

  • Akshata Kulkarni
    Akshata Kulkarni

    "According to the internet"....well who wud choose Lexi btw Dom n Sofie are dating

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Why don’t u do this with your brothers

  • Riyadh Qureshi
    Riyadh Qureshi

    Omg now I’m guaranteed sailing landrew

  • Gaming Puppiez
    Gaming Puppiez

    Andrew you are Lexi's mum approved

  • Milou van Meel
    Milou van Meel

    Wow never knew dom was 17😅

  • Jerusalem kebede
    Jerusalem kebede

    Me and my friend actually checked it Lexi and it did say Andrew I really think you guys are a very very cute match

  • p x e x a x c h
    p x e x a x c h

    I don’t think Andrew and Lexi are dating, but.... LANDREWW❤️❤️✨🥺✋

  • School Road
    School Road

    ‘’Yeah, Dom is a baby’’😂😂😂😂😂 Said by Lexi Brooke Rivera

  • School Road
    School Road

    Hahaha! Good one stokes!😂


    When I saw the title the first thing that came to my mind was how many boys has lexi dated and the second thing was how many brooms has brent broken

  • stephanie

    Her reaction to the tattoo 😂😂

  • Cedrick Lee
    Cedrick Lee


  • Flaviana Arcaya
    Flaviana Arcaya


  • Squishy

    Lexi i love you to pieces but your laugh is very annoying sorry...

  • Jersey Jardim
    Jersey Jardim


  • Varchasvi Chauhan
    Varchasvi Chauhan

    Her mom-"i love ANDREW"

  • Disguised. Dove
    Disguised. Dove

    0:41 If that was me and I called my mum I would not be available for a month

  • Nelson Kenyi
    Nelson Kenyi

    You dated that much, but nothing, OMG!!!!

  • Minnie

    Lexi you kant joke Brent for next vidio

  • Rosie Pham
    Rosie Pham


  • Will Lane
    Will Lane

    You should do this to Brent

  • 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑜𝑛
    𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑜𝑛

    I kind of feel sad bc Lexi always smiles and looks so happy no matter what and even if she’s uncomfortable or upset etc

  • Lenora Butcher
    Lenora Butcher

    It’s good

  • Jeremy Capua
    Jeremy Capua

    Your mom is so cool ! 😭💌

  • Melanie Osborn
    Melanie Osborn

    Landrew supporters where yall at?

  • Harlee Naber
    Harlee Naber

    I subscribed and liked and commented

  • Jamila Khaled
    Jamila Khaled

    hi. Lexi is the best

  • Vickie Varnado
    Vickie Varnado

    Lexi mom is nice ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💕🤍🤎🖤

  • Hassina Rhae Antolin
    Hassina Rhae Antolin

    When I saw a baby picture with Dom’s face on it I laughed so hard

  • Anu Daniel
    Anu Daniel

    Is anyone from India watching this? Will be jealous and be like...wish a Mom like super cool, open-up, understanding.... 😂😂😂Yea!!! But every Mom's are awesome. Except for their minds 😁and the background they are coming from.

  • Serena Mitchell
    Serena Mitchell

    Haha your mom is So funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Autumn Trujillo
    Autumn Trujillo

    in the 1st photo its lexi kissing dom

  • pyt_daee3


  • pyt_daee3


  • juana jimenez francisco
    juana jimenez francisco


  • leoneida Padilla
    leoneida Padilla

    Wait so who are u dating

  • nicole graciano
    nicole graciano

    Andrew seeing this:👁👄👁

  • K. N. R.
    K. N. R.

    She doesn't like any of the guys u have dated cuz u are too good for them

  • yes


  • sexy girl
    sexy girl

    Ikr and Lexi's mum is so pretty

  • U Zubet
    U Zubet

    i remember one of the vids was dom having a photo of lexi in hes room

  • shaily tyagi
    shaily tyagi

    proposing ben seriously pls just for our sake do it as a prank

  • Daniel Azbite
    Daniel Azbite


  • Random things
    Random things

    Bro but she literally got the scissors

  • Owen Family
    Owen Family

    i have watched dance moms and kelais mom was also in dance mom her name is kira-LOL

  • Colton

    I pick Ben cuz u really cute 😘😘😘

  • Midnight Star
    Midnight Star

    Lexi i love your videos and i thought of a video you could do its where the boys you and your mom rated react to this video😁

  • Skyler Cooper
    Skyler Cooper

    I love you Lexi and i love this VIDEO

  • Haiya

    Lmaoooo hahahahah the auto generated captions at 4:42 says “so mom, will you rape Tom” lmfaooooo I can’t - 💀💀

  • strength kidz
    strength kidz

    It does say it’s a rumour

  • Sukhi Garcha
    Sukhi Garcha

    Pure Jeremy

  • Keon Williams
    Keon Williams

    i am a big fan

  • Oliver Shelton
    Oliver Shelton

    Yo Andrew you are verified by lexi’s mom go for Lexi 😂😂

  • Plushtrap

    Pause 1:08 sheeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssh

  • Plushtrap

    Stokes twins hahahahaha

  • Aphmau wolf
    Aphmau wolf


  • I like fidgets and toys
    I like fidgets and toys

    Lexi's mom kept the sisors

  • Marion Perez
    Marion Perez

    She loves ben much

  • Lisa Spaulding
    Lisa Spaulding


  • Fam Jammers
    Fam Jammers

    We gave Expensive prizes to Drive Thru employees here:

  • Jordan Klewer
    Jordan Klewer


  • Karl Fredrik Meikl
    Karl Fredrik Meikl

    Are you Lexi?

  • HDL danny
    HDL danny

    Poor dom

  • Wadema Alsaedi
    Wadema Alsaedi

    I love you so much I am your biggest fan

  • Ana Sawiri
    Ana Sawiri

    So pretty

  • Ana Sawiri
    Ana Sawiri

    Wow her mum is

  • ReaperYT

    Sup Lexi I have a crush on

  • ReaperYT


  • Sheep tea Rex :D
    Sheep tea Rex :D

    It’s funny how they all call Dom a baby

  • •Sticky•Liips

    Dofie. Landrew. Brierson.

  • Jane MacDonald
    Jane MacDonald

    Nothing more than pranking your mom

  • Zuha ismail
    Zuha ismail

    Hayes Grier, Nash’s little brother from Magcon....the vine dayss

  • quotation air-pak
    quotation air-pak

    I think Lexi and Brent need to be couples

  • sangi Tuallawt
    sangi Tuallawt

    I guess Brent never want to ben to be with lexi bc ben is like his brother so he not allow to take ben away from him Idk

  • Layla Abreu
    Layla Abreu

    You and Andrew look cute together you guys should be couples

  • Layla Abreu
    Layla Abreu

    You was right about the Internet saying that you are dating Andrew because I tried and there’s a lot of pictures about you and him together

  • Samia Ikram
    Samia Ikram

    David- Whoooooooo now 😳😳😳😳

  • Bff squad
    Bff squad

    Actually dom is dating sofie dossie so he didn’t date Lexi after her break up

  • Christie B
    Christie B


  • Nicholas riley
    Nicholas riley

    Andrew be watching this like yes I’m in the zone ;)

  • Goofy Penguins
    Goofy Penguins

    Imagine if you dated Brent and gave him a 1/10 BRRRUUUUUHHHHHH🤣🤣🤣

  • Madison Haskell
    Madison Haskell

    My dad has at least four tattoos