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  • Ishmael RH Cruz
    Ishmael RH Cruz

    No one: Andrew: *Slides phone under the door*

  • Jacquelyn Liu
    Jacquelyn Liu

    Can you please post 2 times a week your vids are just so entertaining

  • Kirston Verhulst
    Kirston Verhulst

    I can make my self cry I just have to thank of something sad or just make something up that will make me cry

  • naomi 2007
    naomi 2007


  • sweet but spice
    sweet but spice

    I wish I had a Jeremy

  • pellianaskey on tiktok
    pellianaskey on tiktok

    I swear Lexi never cried before

  • Oscar - Lee Krause
    Oscar - Lee Krause

    Please don't let lexi get killed

  • Khumo Dill
    Khumo Dill

    your so good

  • Suman Bhardwaj
    Suman Bhardwaj

    Love your videos please give a hearr

  • Charisse Lacson
    Charisse Lacson

    I love how Alexa smiles and laughs its really genuine and beautiful 💜💜

  • -Lena Uchiha-Uzumaki-
    -Lena Uchiha-Uzumaki-


  • prachi rathi
    prachi rathi

    You have amazing friends , I wonder if my friends would be half good as it


    If this UZmilk thing doesn’t work out, you might have a career in drama.

  • Skylar Long
    Skylar Long

    Ok but I ship Andrew and Lexi

  • Nicole Page
    Nicole Page

    Omg you were smoking

  • Emma Kay
    Emma Kay

    pls ship jeremy and lexi

  • Emma Kay
    Emma Kay

    can we just talk about jeremy hes so sweet

  • Ava Minnix
    Ava Minnix

    Lexi sounded so much like her mom when she yelled for Brent 😂

  • Amy Rierson
    Amy Rierson

    Lexi can you do my make up

  • Perla Millan
    Perla Millan

    look at hes face

  • Perla Millan
    Perla Millan

    ben was sad on the crying prank

  • Jennifer Jenkins
    Jennifer Jenkins


    • Jennifer Jenkins
      Jennifer Jenkins


  • Joziah Paul
    Joziah Paul

    I'll rate Lexi acting a 100/10

  • periodt sister
    periodt sister

    so the room that andrew was supposed to go in was lexi's ?

  • amantle hope
    amantle hope


  • Squeak Outloud
    Squeak Outloud

    Your crying act was so good

  • F A
    F A


  • Renee

    When Lexie said let's go get some real cigarette she sound like a cowgirl

  • Adventurous Adiya
    Adventurous Adiya

    I need friends like, how Lexi has,they are so good 🥺❤️ Love ya all amp ✨:):):):)

  • Isabella Morton
    Isabella Morton

    Goood acting

  • Among Us
    Among Us

    LeXi’S lAuGh Is LiKe- iT mAkEs ME lAuGh.. 😅😂

  • Autumn Rodriguez
    Autumn Rodriguez

    Lol we can all tell that the fear was real when Lexi’s mom came 😂

  • Elena Vivas
    Elena Vivas

    omg your videos are so funny

  • Rebekah Gamer- Topic
    Rebekah Gamer- Topic

    Why is lexis laugh relax me 😌

  • FleeThe Facility
    FleeThe Facility

    When lexi said ehats wrong with ur face i actuslly started crying with laughter and snorted

  • Sarah Niemann
    Sarah Niemann

    I love how Brent was so quick about his answer 🤣

  • Laila mires
    Laila mires

    Ben is so sweet

  • ZuriGirl


  • Matthew Knowles
    Matthew Knowles

    Hahaha lol! The Passing out one tho!

  • garamiiz majdoub
    garamiiz majdoub

    Ben: leaves then comes back three times Andrew: sits outside and waits for Lexi Jeremy: goes and gets her fave food My friends: meh she'll be good

  • Itx_Bunny Bool
    Itx_Bunny Bool

    The funniest part was when Andrew slide his camera in the bathroom.

  • Abdul Khaliq
    Abdul Khaliq

    If you where pooping Andrew wood be like sheeeeesh

  • Hazel Kagoo
    Hazel Kagoo


  • Harini Duggirala
    Harini Duggirala

    I feel like she lost all of her friends' trust in these pranks


    Jeremy is so sweet.. I think he loves tu lexi😅❤️😁

  • sobiesky Jimenez
    sobiesky Jimenez

    JESUS I know you love me , please give me the opportunity to love you back. 🔰💜🌈☑

  • Julie T
    Julie T


  • lane sansom
    lane sansom

    Hi I love watching your videos

  • Amaya Trujillo32
    Amaya Trujillo32

    I love the makeup prank and the makeup looks so cute 🥰🥰

  • Lillana


  • Mpho Javu
    Mpho Javu

    I Love you

  • kk

    omg jeremy is literally so sweet 🥲

  • Thunderbeast 5959
    Thunderbeast 5959

    I love ur laugh Lexi

  • unicorn pug
    unicorn pug

    lexi:i guess we know who doesn't care about me Jeremy:comes back with her favorite food

  • #BAWeirdos

    I really love you lexi I am your biggest fan please give me a shoutout and I felt so bad for Jeremy 😪

  • Gagu Songe
    Gagu Songe

    Lexi's acting skills are on point 👌, but the first prank was a fail.

  • just here
    just here

    no but jeremy is so sweet ??

  • Bella Pena
    Bella Pena

    l”ll always be honest with you 😂💛🙌

  • BTS official
    BTS official


  • Alissa-Rae Phipps
    Alissa-Rae Phipps

    Can you do my makeup I’m in Basildon 24


    Why is your name Alexa Rivera instead of Lexi Rivera?

  • Syifa Suraini
    Syifa Suraini

    Lexi's crying was so good

  • __sweat boba tea__UWU
    __sweat boba tea__UWU

    Lexi: cries : Ben: uh are you ok! Me: *cries* can you leave My friends: uhh idc byee 🙄🙄🙄

  • Kisou Ren
    Kisou Ren

    She's good at acting

  • CraftWithSiena

    Lexi: cryies* Friends: comforts her* Me: cryies* Friends: oh wait I dont have any friends

  • Jennifer Fuentes
    Jennifer Fuentes

    Lexi friend always be there for her if something wrong with her they always be there for her😊

  • Keerti Upadhyay
    Keerti Upadhyay

    Oh my gosh prank was amazing lexi acting skills are so good and Jeremy had the best reaction 🙂🙂😊😊🙂

  • Fiona Almond
    Fiona Almond

    My mum would be soo mad if she saw me smoking but I’m only 10 so yeah...

  • Someone that’s a genius
    Someone that’s a genius

    Lexi h : what’s wrong with ya face Me : hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Someone that’s a genius
    Someone that’s a genius

    It’s hilarious 😂

  • Someone that’s a genius
    Someone that’s a genius

    Andrew is just sitting there randomly it’s hilarious 😂

  • Kids Vellema
    Kids Vellema

    4:35 Jeremy is so cute🤣😘😁 #Jexi😳

  • maya kelly
    maya kelly

    Jeremy= be like slide the phone under the door Lexi= be like hahaha Me = lol

  • Senol's iMac
    Senol's iMac

    Hi Lexi Hansler

  • Johnny Whitfield
    Johnny Whitfield

    Lexi and LEXI what the heck

  • Brooklyn Regalado
    Brooklyn Regalado


  • Poutoa Leofili
    Poutoa Leofili

    Were is mason

  • Intisar Berketela
    Intisar Berketela

    Lexi please do another video when you cry whid the the door you know but whid Dom Jeremy Brent

  • Vân Hoàng
    Vân Hoàng

    jeremy’s the nicest person

  • Candice Francis
    Candice Francis

    Andrew literally sat there to wait to🥵🥵

  • Keyana Engram
    Keyana Engram

    Andrew sat there to comfort her!

  • ☆bear☆

    5:07 Awwwhh I was fr bout to cry tho 😭😭😭😭✨✨🦋🦋♥️♥️

  • Sally Lie
    Sally Lie

    Pls make Jexi a thing

  • Sally Lie
    Sally Lie

    This is proof JeremyLOOOOVES Lexi

  • Explore with Anvesha
    Explore with Anvesha

    **Lexi cries ** Ben- Was so worried about her was always asking her if she was ok Jeremy - Literally drives for her and gets sushi 🍣 Andrew- Slides his phone under the door 🚪😳🤣

  • Miraculously Zoe
    Miraculously Zoe

    Jeremy shirt said no sleep club Me:Where do I sign up!😊

  • kimela j
    kimela j

    Why is Andrew always with nails and with colored nailes

  • Asmitha Kumaresh
    Asmitha Kumaresh

    lexi: cries if some other guy was her brother: omg lexi r u ok? no one but brent: what r u doing lol!

  • Allyson Newell
    Allyson Newell

    Ben tried his best

  • Deanna Cook
    Deanna Cook

    your eyes are pretty

  • Tu Thai
    Tu Thai

    Hi lexi

  • Logan Prophet
    Logan Prophet

    Andrew is so big brained

  • Cara Meli Chu
    Cara Meli Chu

    OMG Andrew is like a sneaky fox

  • Hi Friends
    Hi Friends

    Andrew: Do u wanna talk? Lexi: Noo! It’s the past thing I wanna do, go away *me thinking that Andrew wil be nice and would go away* Andrew: *drags a chair outside the bathroom door* Me: 😂😂😂

  • Ramon_454

    Your pranks are good

  • HappiStrawberri

    *her casually laughing to death 💀*

  • Corrin Hale
    Corrin Hale

    Hi Lexi

  • yannceley armand
    yannceley armand

    Yo makeup is so ugly you look hideous right now literally I'm sorry but you look hideous I know it's a prank haha I pranked you you you got pranked you thought I would actually hate your makeup makeup is good really really good I love your makeup your makeup is super super super super super good literally I'm I'm not joking your makeup looks really good but but next time next time don't do that ever again you're going to get pranked really really buy me this time so you're lucky I help you wait by the way we need help taking down project zorgo the evil organization they're trying to delete UZmilk Roblox I know you love UZmilk Lexi Rivera so that's why we need your help even your brother your other brother your your whole entire the whole entire friends and your family members so we need you to help us and then we'll help you so you can do whatever your stuff that you need to do on UZmilk so UZmilk doesn't get the leader UZmilk is going to get deleted at New Year Eve so please please please you have to wish so UZmilk doesn't get the Leader by the project zorgo hacker or else my UZmilk videos are so awesome I only posted two videos yesterday and the 20th so I need you to watch my UZmilk video please please please Lexi Rivera watch my UZmilk videos or else I'm not going to help you fix your makeup because your makeup look ugly I'm just kidding again after I will prank you back Lexi Rivera I will bring you back and you will pay for this you will really really pay for that cuz I will I will make your makeup look beautiful when you if you come if you come to my state Georgia I live in Georgia and that's where I live right now and I'm just and I'm just an indictment and I'm in Loganville Downs Way Drive bye Lexi Rivera Fifi hi to Brent for me please oh yeah and that's just my dad that you see where we're over there where you see his face that's not me because that's my dad and my dad got me some UZmilk and I have all my stuff on itself so that's in my name is Darren and people think it's the boy name but no it's not a boy named so it might my name my name starts with a d e r y n I'm sorry Lexi Rivera I hope you have a good thought summer day by Lexi Rivera see you in my town oh yeah that thing says twin maybe you can act like Mike one because I'm starting to be someone and my brothers hate oh yeah and you might get a new man from my brother because my brother he even looking for a girlfriend but actually she doesn't need one anymore because he is single and he likes to be single so by Lexi Rivera I hope you have a good summer day