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If you see this, which prank was the best? Love you guys :)

  • Jonash Gurung
    Jonash Gurung


  • ♡Aati's Seals♡
    ♡Aati's Seals♡

    Omg since I binge watch Lexi I'm running out of videos to watch

  • Isabella Martinez
    Isabella Martinez

    I love you

  • Trusted Seller
    Trusted Seller

    0:28 if lexi is that short... how about me then ;)

  • Zaara Zyva
    Zaara Zyva

    I think the boys or the whole squad will never ever have a sleepover with Lexi. And the boys can’t now trust Lexi for doing such a thing...I wish the first prank was kinda realistic ... then it would be better

  • tanush reddy
    tanush reddy

    the only people that got pranked is the viewers , like its all preplanned and they are just acting like they freaked out ...

  • Mir Asif
    Mir Asif

    why are andrew and jeremy putting there hands on there chest and moving it?

  • Sofiya Naj
    Sofiya Naj

    That is so funny lol🤣

  • Bella Edwards
    Bella Edwards

    Poor Jeremy got took down by Andrew during Twister. 😂

  • D-juan Davis
    D-juan Davis

    Mr. Jeremy didnt get prank

  • Peter Webb
    Peter Webb

    oVeR NiGhT PrAnKiNg

  • #BAWeirdos

    Why did you do that to Andrew I LOVE him 💓

  • Onarin peiris
    Onarin peiris

    The best part is, lexi's screm after ben hits her😂

  • Leboyd Lives
    Leboyd Lives

    Her name is Lexi y is it alexa

  • Mad Madeline
    Mad Madeline

    Lexie is so short

  • Buhle Nkosi
    Buhle Nkosi

    The cards part was my favorite

  • Preppyliffes

    Her after this video 😤😤😤😤 please it's just a prank 🥺🥺🥺

  • Jolisa's Updates
    Jolisa's Updates

    I can't stop laughing

  • Kasey coote
    Kasey coote

    jeremy omg hahahahahaahhahahahahaha he screams like a cat

  • Akshit Boricha
    Akshit Boricha

    did anyone se at 1:01 jermey's pj had label 😂😂😂😂

  • sarvesh pandey
    sarvesh pandey

    I thought Ben would eat more pizza 🍕

  • Ellyn McKenzie
    Ellyn McKenzie

    Jeremy you said you said i hate tomatoes but do u like tomatoe sauce

  • Emanuel The Sire
    Emanuel The Sire

    i saw lexis but crack

  • Brinley Emshoff
    Brinley Emshoff

    andrew: *allergic to tomatoes* also andrew: *eats a whole pizza which has tomatoes in it*

  • Florence Taylor
    Florence Taylor


  • neelie

    Jeremy looks very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very weird when he wear the mask

  • Kaytlinn Baktiar
    Kaytlinn Baktiar

    I love you lexi

  • Mia Tejada
    Mia Tejada


  • Hailey Zmuda
    Hailey Zmuda

    Subscribe to Jeremy and Lexi and Ben and Brent!!!

  • Blinks OT4stan
    Blinks OT4stan

    I want to have friends like them. Friendship goals. They are all vloggers and they always with each other

  • Rojina Subedi
    Rojina Subedi

    Andrew the funniest one 💜💜 I love Andrew

  • Amid AA
    Amid AA

    I like your channels because I really like them because because I love them I really really like it was so much better than Everything I like you you are the best thing I ever saw you are the best you tuber I ever saw

  • Engelize Botha
    Engelize Botha


  • Hazel Levesque
    Hazel Levesque

    At this point they should really just expect something everytime she has a camera

  • hanneelisha Dionido
    hanneelisha Dionido

    Give a rose emoji if you are alive

  • Misheana Magdaleno
    Misheana Magdaleno

    This video made me laugh a lot


    Can you stop play with your hear jareamy😃😄😂😂😂😂



  • Umamaheswari Poola
    Umamaheswari Poola

    Make bexi😔not Landrew😔

  • Daniel Franco
    Daniel Franco

    Mila OK you’re Lexi right and watching your video right now and like it’s a girl I’m a lover the way I live in Georgia I’m going out of town tomorrow I’m gonna miss you so much please say bye to me what’s your friends I love Brent is it funny that you’re so loud what I did I watch the next in the scary ones are so scary I just saw that one when you called it like a banded house but you got a watch Pennywise oh my he’s so scared well I love you Alexis I love I love those kids

  • Ishita k
    Ishita k

    i like it you did it lexi

  • Maxime

    I can eat a whole pizza in under 5 minutes

  • Mary Kate Zehr
    Mary Kate Zehr

    Just try to hurt Lexie, BECAUSE THESE GUYS WILL MESS YOU UP!!!!

  • Evelyn's Fun channel
    Evelyn's Fun channel

    Lol Lexi reacted like oo O

  • Alan De Leon
    Alan De Leon

    Love your videos Lexiiii

  • *K e n d r a p l a y s*
    *K e n d r a p l a y s*

    You should do it with Lexi h And pierson W

  • Joel Charles
    Joel Charles


  • Godfrey Buule Kagwa
    Godfrey Buule Kagwa

    God job😃

  • sofia trouillet
    sofia trouillet

    Andrew is alergic to tomatos, how did he eat pizza then?

  • Simply G
    Simply G

    Lexi I got talk for you you’re so very good I don’t want to subscribe to your video Because you’re so Scottsdale I like bang She’s so stupid

  • Stephanie Richardson
    Stephanie Richardson

    I subscribed I like the video and I comment down below we should hang out sometime

  • firda priyadi
    firda priyadi


  • Sophia’s Story
    Sophia’s Story


  • Maria Theodosiou
    Maria Theodosiou

    The AMP squad needs a amp world house. Like the hype house!

  • Saniya Rehman
    Saniya Rehman

    Good video

  • Harleen Soomal
    Harleen Soomal

    Hi Lexi just wanted to say that you are my favorite youtuber.

  • crazy kenzie
    crazy kenzie

    them walking around also them still in night gowns

  • Richard Cottee
    Richard Cottee


  • Segoditau Maduwana
    Segoditau Maduwana

    I can't believe she got them night gowns ha ha

  • Amplify

    why are they all boys tho?

  • Nilakamal Laiphangbam
    Nilakamal Laiphangbam


  • Jarek Wertz
    Jarek Wertz

    When ever I saw you guys eating pizza I got sad because I was eating Chicken Flavored Noodles.

  • Victoria Vazquez
    Victoria Vazquez

    Ben and Andrew 🙌🏻🙌🏻😳

  • Gursimar dosanjh
    Gursimar dosanjh

    7:24 LOL BEN😂

  • Katelynn Torres
    Katelynn Torres

    Brent is always there to prank someone :>

  • Most viewed
    Most viewed

    Note to mind never sleep if you’re at House :)

    • Most viewed
      Most viewed

      And if Lexi is there 🤫

  • Lilian The Flower
    Lilian The Flower

    Lol The first one was funny

  • Addi Baddie
    Addi Baddie

    How come I wasn’t invited

  • Addi Baddie
    Addi Baddie

    I wanna be there

  • Brandi Ross
    Brandi Ross

    The fact that Lexi is 3 ft. 3 and the boys r 6 ft.6 🤣🤣🤣 Edit: my dog likes your show 😁

  • Siththi Fazeelath
    Siththi Fazeelath

    1:01 shot was super head shot

  • Bxlz.0161

    At first I thought it was p-p-p-p peirson..

  • Jackye Velasquez
    Jackye Velasquez

    They should've put ben's hand on a warm cup of water

  • Charles beck
    Charles beck

    This isn’t a challenge

  • Alaina Wong
    Alaina Wong

    I love you guys videos

  • songs album
    songs album

    They looking like pizza when they put face mask

  • Samantha Fay Sipe
    Samantha Fay Sipe

    Sometimes when they do the clap it just makes me think they will pounce on her.

  • Roblox 199
    Roblox 199

    You better

  • Red Brick
    Red Brick

    hey lexi break Andrew's phone and don't get him a new one PLS don't charge your mind pls

  • Lulu Feng
    Lulu Feng

    That was funny

  • Eden Chilton
    Eden Chilton

    No chance Andrew actually slept through that while they put him in the pool

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    Ok I got you guys matching pjs! Jeremy: Yes!

  • Kay Donkor
    Kay Donkor

    Lixe what was that

  • sugerONstrawberries

    If the "ur ugly " card was Lexi's then why do u like flirt with her?

  • Jane Mendez
    Jane Mendez

    But I feel bad for the boys😞😞😞😞

  • Jane Mendez
    Jane Mendez

    I believe you are cranking the boys😁😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leahana Dior
    Leahana Dior

    At are brand new house SURE ITS NOT BRENTS

  • Leahana Dior
    Leahana Dior

    At are brand new house SURE ITS NOT BRENTS

  • Amitha Ajilal
    Amitha Ajilal

    The way all three boys are bending down just to reach Lexi's height 😁❤️

  • Amy Gaymer
    Amy Gaymer

    Andrew is the most girly boy

  • Nevaeh Brooks
    Nevaeh Brooks

    When Lexi and Ben hold hands i was like Ooooo bexi

  • Stanislaw surowiecki
    Stanislaw surowiecki

    Is it weird hanging out with all boys everyday with them annoying u?

  • Azzam Miguel
    Azzam Miguel

    The way how Jeremy run😂

  • Heaven Gray
    Heaven Gray

    Jeremy scream!😂😂😂😂😂😂 and run

  • Elena Sardina
    Elena Sardina

    You know how to wake up Ben if he doesn't wake up

  • Jemimah Tendo
    Jemimah Tendo

    Buh truth be told...Ben is THE most sensitive Amper in all of them

  • Mrs. beast
    Mrs. beast

    Ok jerimy

  • Rawan Al Taie
    Rawan Al Taie

    I love Jeremy running with the dress LOL!!

  • tommyjp

    poor them but i more care about ben i love you ben

  • Zara Jones
    Zara Jones

    Honestly I think that was mean: )

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