Everyone deserves a nice spa day, especially with all the pranks I pull on them. Thank you guys so much for watching! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks to @JayPrehistoricPets for all the creatures, definitely check his channel out.

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  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️


  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️


  • Richa Kumar ❤️
    Richa Kumar ❤️


  • Christina Fletcher
    Christina Fletcher

    You have the best videos

  • Kalisa Daniella Blessing
    Kalisa Daniella Blessing

    i love you lexi

  • Maria Salama élève
    Maria Salama élève


  • Eason Xue
    Eason Xue

    Lexi: This is going to be everything but relaxing Me: So it’s going to be calming and amazing, ok Also me: watches the video and being like ummm I think that was not what she said 😂

  • Scott Matteson
    Scott Matteson

    When can I come over I really need a spa with no snake's

  • ThePandaPlaysYT

    Ben was the clueless one when the snake crawled on his back Him : oh nice neck massage

  • Jarolin Mejia
    Jarolin Mejia


  • Harjit S Sidhu
    Harjit S Sidhu

    Hey Lexi! I would like u to know how to do spa. Its Easy! Ingredients 1. Oatmeal 2. Yougurt 3. Honey Mix all of the ingredients together properly. Steps Step 1: Wipe ur face with tissue or cloth Step 2: Put on the spa mask. Step 3: Leave ur face for 30 mins put how much time u want. Oh and also the last touch is cucumber on ur eyes. That's done! Try it now!

  • Awesome girls for life
    Awesome girls for life


  • Leba Olar
    Leba Olar

    Lexi you have to turn your house into a spa

  • Byron Blair
    Byron Blair

    I subscribed

  • Alli Cat
    Alli Cat

    Oh feel so bad for Jeremy

  • Akila De Silva
    Akila De Silva

    I remember this was the first video I saw from the amp squad trending on UZmilk, now I'm a huge fan of all 😍💯👍

  • Gavin's Biggest Fan
    Gavin's Biggest Fan

    Love how she only made the boys do it. Didn't want the girls to go through it

  • Farida Hanslod
    Farida Hanslod

    Am i the only one who think s dom is cute

  • D&D shows
    D&D shows

    Dom is damn cute

  • K Pop
    K Pop

    i love u like so so soooo much

  • Var sha
    Var sha

    8:49 I'm literally teary from all the laughing😂 tysm🙏🏻 haven't laughed this hard in a long time

  • HannahRose

    Omg I would go to your spa

  • ImmYoughurt

    me loving every animal there, me: where do i book?

  • Neha Salvi
    Neha Salvi

    Brent's reaction omg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TeacupBuilds

    I’d run once I saw it

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez

    Hahaha funny 😂

  • tey tey
    tey tey

    Haha Lexi: so this is jay Jay:heeey with a sneak Lexi:😮😮😮

  • Muxiemybaby

    hey Lexi this is so funny all of this including the snake on Bens back soooooooo funny love it

  • It's me Tess
    It's me Tess

    I love Jeremy reaction

  • Bella Edwards
    Bella Edwards

    Did anyone thought the green glasses what Brent was wearing, reminded you of the evil step mother in Cinderella 😂

  • Julia Pujals
    Julia Pujals

    I want to go to this spa!!! me from watching this video when Lexi was putting scary animals on friends and doing pranks: what could possibly go wrong when I go there… 🤪😅😋😏

  • Just a random person :D
    Just a random person :D

    Lexi:“if you could just GET OUT“ 😭😂🤣😭😂🙃😭😂🤣😭😂🤣🤪 omg i just npticed they added new emojis 😵‍💫😮‍💨😶‍🌫️

  • Simply_lia

    Cant we just speak about how pretty Lexi actually is

  • Hydi Bierman
    Hydi Bierman

    Does July 20th work

  • Brittany Buggs
    Brittany Buggs

    Lexi I hate you to you doing this to you friends

  • Brittany Buggs
    Brittany Buggs


  • delfina turner duarte
    delfina turner duarte


  • Lee Lemke
    Lee Lemke

    Love your vids

  • QuikSilverQuilo

    We all know the real reasons Ben and Lexi broke up before 1. Brent 2. Brent 3. Brent

    • QuikSilverQuilo

      Never trust Brent with a broom



  • Christina James
    Christina James

    Jeremy I don’t think you had a choice😂

  • Christina James
    Christina James


  • Kendra Garcia
    Kendra Garcia

    ✅ done

  • Froggo and Soph
    Froggo and Soph

    i wish i was ben because i love snakes!!!

  • Slushy Gang
    Slushy Gang

    Ben has big tan

  • Xxshadowgaming

    This was exactly posted on my birthday

  • Jessie Sanchez
    Jessie Sanchez

    Mr. Is a big fan of you she loves you and she wishes you would be a boyfriend

  • santi cazares
    santi cazares

    Germy disgusting I am her friend me ask Mel her friend disgusting human

  • Alani unicorn
    Alani unicorn


  • Very_Bearyy

    U should call it ReLexi ✨

  • alexander pruneda
    alexander pruneda

    can you prank all the boys for 24hrs pls lexy if it gets to 400 likes

  • Art pranks and more with Scarlett
    Art pranks and more with Scarlett

    I thought Ben maybe likes everything that Lexi dose but now that she put snakes on his back idk now 😂 haha

  • Mia


  • Alka Siddiqui
    Alka Siddiqui

    Did anyone see that at the end Jeremy was having orange juice (he’s not 21 yet )and Brent was having champagne.

  • Dominic Pineda
    Dominic Pineda

    I love how Dom freaked out when he saw Jay

  • Ken Xyton Licardo
    Ken Xyton Licardo

    i thoth that dom has a pet turantula

  • Cathy Warrick
    Cathy Warrick

    i miror miror a little lady did that and leaches

  • Seedo Smirna
    Seedo Smirna

    Jooooo beter giv me a shaw dawn

  • Seedo Smirna
    Seedo Smirna

    Lexie lexie lexie joo never learn do joo evin wash joor kloos joo beter rwaiet bak

  • Daniel Mosepele
    Daniel Mosepele

    I hate you

  • Kimberly Higgins
    Kimberly Higgins

    Did anyone catch that The color Of Ben feet were Lighter that his legs

  • chxrry


  • Shorts only
    Shorts only

    Nobody Brent: what Is that

  • Ms. consigliere
    Ms. consigliere

    I've seen so many of Jay's videosssss like I'm a massive fan of his but well, seeing them collab 😭😭❤️

  • ranjeetha prahalad
    ranjeetha prahalad

    I love your views

  • Syeda Arshma Ali
    Syeda Arshma Ali

    Ben turests lixi toooo mack

  • Abida Sadik
    Abida Sadik

    Andrew tooo

  • Melissa Dempsey
    Melissa Dempsey

    I have the same Nair and it does burn I feel bad for ben

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen

    Lexi you are the best I will call you my mom ok🙂

  • Tara Hajdinjak
    Tara Hajdinjak

    Dom:it's that Jay?😂

  • Ira’s World
    Ira’s World

    the difference between friends and brother ..hahahaha everyone- ahh , lies down everyone after a few mins - IS THAT JAY!?!?!?! brent - suspicious while lying down brent after a few mins -WHAT IS THAT?!! WHAT IS THAT !?!?!! BRENT and LEXI are so cute siblings . i know thay dont show it but they actually care immensely for each other

  • g

    as much as i love lexi but her laugh makes my ears itchy

  • Abe Friessen
    Abe Friessen

    Wow is everything

  • Alexxa Garcia
    Alexxa Garcia

    Omg I love you

  • Annette Fyfe
    Annette Fyfe


  • Kelsey Sheppard
    Kelsey Sheppard

    Sofie is not going to be happy

  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma


  • rpatanacio


  • Dahlia Paz
    Dahlia Paz

    brents favortie word is owa!

  • Addi Grace
    Addi Grace

    That was so cool

  • Kate O'Sullivan
    Kate O'Sullivan

    I walk on my mum’s back

  • Akanisi Bogiwalu
    Akanisi Bogiwalu

    Done. 💖💖

  • George Attia
    George Attia


  • king's vs queen's
    king's vs queen's

    I'll come to your spa

  • f r o g g y . v e r s e
    f r o g g y . v e r s e

    i would be ok with the snakes but the tarantula would scare me a little bit but the SCORPION- JUST NO

  • Aqua Siren :)
    Aqua Siren :)

    Wich one do you think has the pee 🤔😂

  • Kevin The Boss
    Kevin The Boss

    Bro Lexie’s laugh is so annoying it sound like if a kid and a clown were mixed

  • Baris Uguz
    Baris Uguz


  • Sara Palatchi
    Sara Palatchi

    So cool i want my house to be like your house

  • Speedy Car
    Speedy Car

    Lexi you are way better then Brent I hope you pass him in subscribers one day!😀

  • natali gontres
    natali gontres

    El método

  • natali gontres
    natali gontres


  • Lililo

    Lol sometimes lexi does the funniest things to Brent😁

  • Hema Rama
    Hema Rama

    When I title I was like what are u up to now

  • Mitchell and Jamie vlog
    Mitchell and Jamie vlog

    Ben 5 minutes early this is the best thing ever Ben 5 minutes later I regret this

  • Eve Mac
    Eve Mac

    Omg that is so funny but I’m scared of the spider


    bruh brent just dont let u take of his shoes

  • NRL Edits
    NRL Edits

    Lexi: ill be turning

  • Richard Gomas
    Richard Gomas

    Maybe the hair lotion remover for ben maybe hurts for him lexi

  • Blue Boy
    Blue Boy

    I have that stemer