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  • Ellie Carlton
    Ellie Carlton

    “Lexi: YOUR 20 MINS LATE”

  • jacki meighen
    jacki meighen

    Lexi I love. Your Chanel

  • J J Cora
    J J Cora

    Lexi: Just arrive at target Me: then why you in the middle of the store and not in the car....?

  • Emma Millar
    Emma Millar


  • Caroline Craig
    Caroline Craig


  • Caroline Craig
    Caroline Craig

    You and Brent are my favourite UZmilk i am a huge fan i wish I could see you but I live in dungiven

  • Matt Simpson
    Matt Simpson


  • anthony cerda
    anthony cerda

    Dont say god

  • Dela Woods
    Dela Woods

    The freezing sister byerly inject because sister-in-law expectably polish concerning a abhorrent betty. chilly, tiresome daniel

  • Tirka Arimas
    Tirka Arimas

    I hate how Lexi likes Andrew ehhhh 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Sital Khalate
    Sital Khalate

    Awww ❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

  • Ivette Garcia
    Ivette Garcia

    i bet lexi likes andrew and not like a friend thats why she wanted to be taped to him

  • Raynell Jackson
    Raynell Jackson

    Dixie final concerns Ginny concerns funny ringtone sex and

  • AMP family💋💖
    AMP family💋💖

    Lexi did it on purpose so she could😝have fun with andrew

  • Greyson McEowen
    Greyson McEowen


  • Shelly Ramrekha
    Shelly Ramrekha

    yesssssssss lexi winnnnn yay wow she win ooo yesssss wow yay

  • sweetlikegrande

    If I did i'd eat all the food haha.

  • Carolina Padilla
    Carolina Padilla


  • Nevaeh shuff
    Nevaeh shuff

    I love your video😍😍😍😍😆😆😆😇😇😇😝😝😝

  • The Hendry’s Hendry
    The Hendry’s Hendry

    im the biggest fan omggggg

  • Chloe love Channel lol
    Chloe love Channel lol

    I don’t get 24hr challenges it says 24hrs but the video is like 31min. long

  • Soni ka Goo rung
    Soni ka Goo rung

    I think that they would be couple

  • Yeseniya✌🏻

    Poor Andrew 😹

  • Allie Watson
    Allie Watson

    Can we take the time to realize that almost every 24 hour challenge Andrew is in it. 😊



  • Wanda Douglas
    Wanda Douglas


  • Wanda Douglas
    Wanda Douglas

    But I support y'all but y'all good just keep doing what you're doing y'all good

  • Wanda Douglas
    Wanda Douglas

    Tsunami discount making videos okay stop it

  • Wanda Douglas
    Wanda Douglas

    Let's see Brent Brent you do not got no girlfriend just stop

  • Rajan Gawade
    Rajan Gawade

    I really want to Google now that what lexi do with all the TV s

  • Alexis Monea
    Alexis Monea

    Hi Alexa I’m your big fan my name is Nicole

  • Kimberly Le
    Kimberly Le

    Where is. Ben

  • sᴛxʀᴅxsᴛ

    Omg the ending-

  • Meadow ninja
    Meadow ninja

    I spotted something in the thumbnail EwE

  • Fathun Jameel
    Fathun Jameel

    I love you lexi

  • Mishu is Mishu
    Mishu is Mishu

    0:50 #brierson

  • Azlynn Andrews
    Azlynn Andrews

    Do they work there or something

  • Jax Wolk
    Jax Wolk


  • mz k
    mz k

    No one Andrew and lexi: kids pink bike 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joseph Reed
    Joseph Reed

    Where is Ben

  • Maya A.
    Maya A.


  • StuffandSuck

    Y’all Lexi and Andrew are just friends right now!

  • Castor Beyblade
    Castor Beyblade


  • Laura Fowler
    Laura Fowler

    I'm a big fan of you and your brother


    Your videos are awesome

  • not me
    not me

    Am i ONLY that WHO noticed that lexi And Andrew does Have the same color od t-shirts And jeans?


    Who else ships brierson and landrew

  • Emily Lamont
    Emily Lamont

    Can someone tell me what happened to his best friend Caleb

  • XxNightmareShadowxX Kookie
    XxNightmareShadowxX Kookie

    Me having an add before the video realization remember it said target and I got a target add lol

  • Omg #Fiefie1
    Omg #Fiefie1

    I really need friends like these ! 😂🤣

  • Sawyer Huff-Boyle
    Sawyer Huff-Boyle

    There is fauls advertising in this title

  • loghan Clement
    loghan Clement

    I’m done

  • Moonlight

    Brent: *runs off to get the groceries * Peirson: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Mehreen Kaur Banghu
    Mehreen Kaur Banghu

    Lexi do a color chalnge

  • Nicole Schell
    Nicole Schell

    my name is jason

  • ・ HxneyCombx ・
    ・ HxneyCombx ・

    No one: No one ever: Pierson: 19$ fOrtNite cArd…………………………………wHo wAnTs iT?

  • Nicole cardwell
    Nicole cardwell

    I watching You maybe white Now

  • Brody Jones
    Brody Jones

    But Brent is the master at pranks but Lexi is the master at surprises

  • mossy rules
    mossy rules

    I love ur videos there so good and why do u always go to target

  • Rini Mascarenhas
    Rini Mascarenhas


  • Mallory hanks
    Mallory hanks

    Before this video started a target add came on

  • Ameka Thompson
    Ameka Thompson

    Me to

  • Wiings12

    LOL I love the part Pierson said 19 dollar fortnite card who wants it and it’s better when there finding things


    Lexi always invites Andrew and brent

  • Nice Chomsorn
    Nice Chomsorn

    target is a youtobe chanel name

  • 💥! Katsuki Bakugou !💥
    💥! Katsuki Bakugou !💥

    I have that same foot cream👁👄👁💀

  • Jaritza Cruz
    Jaritza Cruz

    I think that Andrew and Lexi will make a good ship

  • EmmaTheGamerGirl

    I'm I the only one that thinks that thumbnail is sus or what

  • Tracyhasleftthevan

    I love the fact that Brent felt the need to say “I know where to find the foot cream Because I’ve used it before”

  • Roshila Oumar
    Roshila Oumar

    Lexi loves andrew

  • 선하루

    EVERYTIME when lexi goes to target she never falls omg

  • Rachel Brougher
    Rachel Brougher

    Brent and Pierson: grabbing stuff that they actually need Lexi and Andrew: Grabbing random things lol this comment had 3.2k likes so I'm reposting

  • Eric Tjung
    Eric Tjung

    When u see Andrew use upsidown mask ;-;

    • Eric Tjung
      Eric Tjung

      Nvm it's correct

  • Christina Øvregård
    Christina Øvregård


  • Priety Saha
    Priety Saha

    Everyone trying so hard to hide.. And Brent literally showing his whole body and hiding,😂😂 I laughed until I got pain in my tummy😂

  • Priety Saha
    Priety Saha

    Why is Andrew looking like Justin Bieber?😂

  • Khairunnisa Daud
    Khairunnisa Daud

    I love this squad!

  • Lucy Bowman
    Lucy Bowman

    Those are the best makeup wipes

  • Amna M
    Amna M


  • Winifred Arengo
    Winifred Arengo

    Andrew's Hair looks like Justin

  • Ocean-Rose Healey
    Ocean-Rose Healey


  • That Little Leo miny
    That Little Leo miny

    Lexi and Andrew I so cute

  • Ley Line Loader
    Ley Line Loader

    Ohhhhhh. It's an ad for Target. Okay, I get it now.

  • am_a_piG_The_Chanle

    Uhmm i watched this for nothing.....

  • The Pearson Sisters
    The Pearson Sisters

    It’s funny of the sound shrommmmmm

  • Archana Srivastava
    Archana Srivastava

    Give me a home tour

  • •𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 𝓖𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪•
    •𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 𝓖𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓪•

    Is it just me or did you realize that this is not even a 24hr challenge but it was still funny to watch!

  • Ali

    Uh the thumbnail sus

  • Kyrie  Clark
    Kyrie Clark

    Do you have a a kids

  • tigergaming

    brent: i dont want a fortnite card... me: i want a fortnite card!!!!!!!!!!😭😭

  • Janell Jordan
    Janell Jordan

    all:zzzzz me:-_-

  • Janell Jordan
    Janell Jordan

    can I have a shoutout plssss

  • Lps Creative TV
    Lps Creative TV

    I literally just got a target add

  • itz_donutplayz

    Guys it kind of looks like that Target worker looks like that person from stuck in the Middle

  • Manasi Nsekanabo
    Manasi Nsekanabo

    hay I gust found out a scary thing to do pleas do it so tern of all the lights and wach scary movis

  • Patricia Worthy
    Patricia Worthy

    I love your videos ❤️❤️💕💕

  • Jaelyn


  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    Use backpack

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez