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  • Thanith Tuy
    Thanith Tuy

    I feel bad for ben

  • Jalz F
    Jalz F

    Ben dethenliy ben

  • Amanda Offord
    Amanda Offord

    Ok get up😭

  • Khalila Mirinu
    Khalila Mirinu

    I think this is one of Lexis best prank

  • Aysha Koya
    Aysha Koya

    I Ship Brave And Bexi

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    Hi guys welcome back to my chenle ahaha Lexi love how you do that

  • Neola Matthews
    Neola Matthews

    Lexi only a girlfriend would know lexi knows all of them lol

  • Lovington Palaz
    Lovington Palaz

    Ben:i don't now her becca: shall we fight lexi: yes lets fight becca and lexi:its a prank

  • Unicornlover 88
    Unicornlover 88

    Who loved Bexi I was so sad when the broke up.

  • Summer Manning
    Summer Manning

    Becca is so pretty and gorgeous

  • Mussie Sereke
    Mussie Sereke

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  • Assil Alshab
    Assil Alshab

    When becca came in andrew's house and said andrew what the frick i dieddd

  • najla irdina
    najla irdina

    Becca is so pretty

  • Gracie Stevens
    Gracie Stevens

    Well done lexi for prancing Ben

    • Gracie Stevens
      Gracie Stevens

      This is funny

  • Cristina and Ana
    Cristina and Ana


  • Snow Allen
    Snow Allen

    Ben hi

  • XxKikiXx

    Becca : shouting Andrew: i dont know who this is. Andrew again:... Im scared

  • 137 Zorinzuali
    137 Zorinzuali

    Wait why does she looks like Ben's present girlfriend

  • farha baramy
    farha baramy

    I love Becca when I grow up I want to be like her she is sooooo gorgeous

  • nonya business
    nonya business

    Lexa has done so many pranks I don't know why her friends ceep falling for them

  • Emmanuel Thompson
    Emmanuel Thompson

    Becca is my sister

  • Mia Tejada
    Mia Tejada


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    Linda Apša

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  • akshita


  • Hints From Past
    Hints From Past

    Confronting (எதிர்கொள்கிறது )

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    Nirmala Khadka

    My name is rebika

  • Naimah Mfula
    Naimah Mfula

    Becca is the best actor alive!

  • Eliana Yoseph
    Eliana Yoseph

    Oh my gosh You people are hilarious

  • Photex

    She looking cute when she mad

  • Photex

    Why not Brent

  • gehovany guzman
    gehovany guzman

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  • LB - 04MJ 866954 Nahani Way PS
    LB - 04MJ 866954 Nahani Way PS

    I Laianna

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    sophie hovington


  • Play Roblox with Em
    Play Roblox with Em

    Andrew appartement look like Jeremy appartement

  • Angelic Vlogs
    Angelic Vlogs

    Andrew was actually so respectful to Becca, he was like I'm sorry, when did we meet? Respect man!!

  • Baylee Lowe
    Baylee Lowe

    When she got up to fight her and then just jumped put her hands up and hugged her and Ben was still falling for the prank like bro what's wrong with you

  • Kinjal Modi
    Kinjal Modi

    u should do this on jeremy

  • Achu malayali
    Achu malayali

    Bro i love your UZmilk channel my family watch your video

  • Asmita Saini
    Asmita Saini

    Awwwwwwww......... Poor Ben I felt bad for him 😞

  • Muskan Lama
    Muskan Lama

    😂😂😂 it's pretty funny 😂😂

  • Spy ninja fan
    Spy ninja fan

    Why does it say Alexa revara

  • Ravi khalkho
    Ravi khalkho

    Andrew was like (am I dating her am I dating Lexi as well OMG)🤣🤣🤪🤪

  • Ravi khalkho
    Ravi khalkho

    When Andrew turn I frikin died laughing 😂😂😂 but the other side Becca is a really good actress

  • Jolisa's Updates
    Jolisa's Updates

    So funny 😂😂

  • Potato Love
    Potato Love



    I'm so happy with Ben's loyalty towards Lexi ❤😁

  • Ben Henderson68
    Ben Henderson68

    Jesus Christ is king

  • Parvathy L
    Parvathy L

    Ben is so innocent 🙂

  • SquidyPlayz

    Can we just Appreciate Becca's Acting Skills!!! She was Soo That they actually Believed that she was Their Secret Girlfriend

  • ⚡️Get Entertained⚡️
    ⚡️Get Entertained⚡️

    Lexi u have such an amazing smile❤️ u r also really pretty And I wanna be just like u in gymnastics I have been doing gymnastics since age 3 and I love ur flexibility and I wanna be just like u in gymnastics I love u❤️

  • rosie alvarez
    rosie alvarez

    He actually has a girlfriend

  • valli amal
    valli amal

    I feel bad for ben 😔😔 he had a heart attack

  • Nola Donaldson
    Nola Donaldson

    Becca is so good tho

  • Autumn Rodriguez
    Autumn Rodriguez

    I feel like Brent would say yes to any video that had to do with messing with Ben 😂😂

  • Daniella Wege
    Daniella Wege

    For 24 hours

  • Daniella Wege
    Daniella Wege

    Ben and Brent third wheel

  • Daniella Wege
    Daniella Wege

    Brent can look better

  • Daniella Wege
    Daniella Wege

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    Saddica mohammed

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    Noor Khurrami

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  • Frazer Mcfarlane
    Frazer Mcfarlane

    Is it you

  • Louisa Unsworth
    Louisa Unsworth

    Can you actually make a who’s most likely

  • Pink Clouds
    Pink Clouds

    Andrew’s reaction is so funny and becca’s acting is very crazy nd’ it’s so FUNNY. Poor Andrew said so many sorry lol

  • AQUA-fishie

    0:12 brents face tho

  • Abyan Soopee
    Abyan Soopee

    Is Pierson dating ben

  • cool trends
    cool trends

    Ben's innocence is best.

  • ButterflyPipes

    Lexi and Becca: *Fighting* Ben: CHILL I DONT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND LEXI CHILL!!!! Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Caroline Mendoza
    Caroline Mendoza

    Is your brother name spelled Bryce or Brice I know it dumb but

  • Giulia 497?
    Giulia 497?

    Her acting was soo good

  • Minaal Khan
    Minaal Khan

    Watched this 10 times

  • PtAngel

    Pleaseee my name is Rebecca and they call me Becca😭😭

  • Syisyi Hylton
    Syisyi Hylton

    Wow becca's acting is really good 😂 especially when she stormed in Andrew's apartment......😂

  • Real Racing 3
    Real Racing 3

    Ben got sooo scared when she told, "Should I call your mom"......

  • Leroy Stewart
    Leroy Stewart

    Omg this is so freaking Awesome Becca u are so amazing omg I can't stop watching ur vids lexi, Ohh and Andrew was FREACKING out He's like.I DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND

    • Leroy Stewart
      Leroy Stewart

      By the way am planning to be an actress when I grow up am 14 ,i have a long way to go

  • ACharlieRiveraCh

    Lexi You Charlie My Did Andrew

  • ACharlieRiveraCh

    Lexi Beca Prank You Charlie My Dido Ben You

  • Grace S.
    Grace S.

    Becca is so good at acting! She should totally be an actress! Oh wait she is an actress lol! Duh!

  • Maryam Dehlvi
    Maryam Dehlvi

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  • 先輩★


  • Nea ann Joshy
    Nea ann Joshy

    Becca is a good Acteress

  • igordevetak

    lmfao Ben said " i didn't even know u BACK THEN tho" like he knows her now AHAHAHAHA

  • Lydia Murimi
    Lydia Murimi

    Omg i almost broke my ribs due to laughter😁😁 best prank ever💯

  • noura almansoori
    noura almansoori

    Is ur name Lexi or Alexa? I’m confused

  • Ryan Hunter
    Ryan Hunter

    haha ben good one Lexi and becca \

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye

    Bring her up again.... Damn!!!! She has some awesome acting skills...... N make the prank go longer...... That was so fun dude.......

  • moon light
    moon light

    I think Ben really love you Lexi


    Beca and Andrew equal bandrew

  • Hannah Mendoza
    Hannah Mendoza

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    Aliyah antoine

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    Kimberley Leathem


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    Raissa Surana

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  • Amanda Hansen
    Amanda Hansen

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  • Junette 💜
    Junette 💜

    I feel so bad for Ben look at him so sad Wondering who is this random girl pore thing 😢💔

  • SM outdoors
    SM outdoors

    When they stared saying let’s go let’s i started dyeing laughing 😂

  • Fidget squad 💚
    Fidget squad 💚

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    Ruby Sanders

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    Trisha Moonsamy

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    Corny ASMR

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    Jobin George

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    ZHC Destroyer

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